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Genuine Droll Yankees Products
classic droll yankees feeders The original tubular bird feeder on the market was the A-6. With 6 metal feeding ports, a virgin UV stabilized tube and aluminum perches, it's built to last. All "A" size Classics have a 2-1/2" diameter tube. The Mini has two feeding ports.
8" long, A-6 Mini Qty: $18.00 each plus S&H
16" long,   A6-F  Qty: $26.00 each plus S&H
the new CJ Series of droll yankees feeders The CJ Series of sunflower seed feeders is the state of the art in tubular bird feeders today. Their style and beauty will enhance any backyard setting. Made of the finest materials, completely assembled and ready-to-use, they're also easy to disassemble for cleaning. The tube diameter is 2 1/2".  birdgoods.com is currently only offering the green color.
8" long, CJM8G Qty: $19.00 each plus S&H
15" long, CJM15G Qty: $25.00 each plus S&H
classic thistle feeders from Droll Yankees Droll Yankees' popular thistle (niger) seed feeder attracts the beautiful finches. Birdgoods.com offers this distinctive design in two sizes.
8" long, TH Mini Qty: $24.00 each plus S&H
16" long, TH-3 Qty: $34.00 each plus S&H
a6 in black with black cage Classic A6F feeder but in stunning black with heavy duty 8" diameter cage -- keeps out squirrels and large birds.
A-6 with Guard Qty: $54.00 each plus S&H
CJ series with cage "New Generation" Green feeder with green cage -- guards seed from squirrels and large birds. 8" diameter cage.
New Feeder with Guard Qty: $47.00 each plus S&H
Yankee Flipper Squirrel Proof Feeder The YANKEE FLIPPER is the definitive squirrel proof bird feeder. Birds love to eat from it, but squirrels are prevented from eating from it in a way that will make you smile. The weight activated feeding perch is calibrated to react to a squirrel’s weight. When a squirrel steps on the perch, a connection is made with a motor that makes the perch spin, and the squirrel is flipped off the feeder. Thus, the name Yankee Flipper. The unit comes equipped with rechargeable nicad batteries and a battery recharger. Would you expect anything less of Droll Yankees? 21" long, 4 ports, 4 qt. capacity.
YF Qty: $110.00 each plus S&H
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LF Hummingbird Feeder The Little Flyer, 3 port hummingbird feeder. Easy to refill and clean. Brass rod hanger.
LF Qty: $18.00 each plus S&H
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