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Attract Beauty to Your Backyard, Naturally
coneflower picture, click to enlargesunflower picture, click to enlargeSome plants produce seeds that birds like. One such plant is the Purple Coneflower. The plant itself is a beauty but once the blooms are spent, leave them to dry. The seeds in the round head of the flower will attract birds. As you can see from the picture, bumble bees like the blooms too. You can also, of course, grow your own sunflowers if you have a place that gets lots of full sun. Let the flowers stay on and dry to have your own natural source of sunflower seeds. Find out how you can grow your own sunflowers in your backyard.
butterfly bush picture, click to enlarge For butterflies, what better plant than a butterfly bush, or more properly called Buddleia. The bush grows to be 3-5 feet tall with white blooms that butterflies love. Butterflies seem to like flowers that are purple in color. A wealth of information on butterflies is available at Pictured at right, a black swallowtail butterfly enjoys the blossom of a butterfly bush. For detailed information to identify butterflies try the USGS Butterfly site.
tiger swallowtail butterfly, click to enlarge black swallowtail butterfly, click to enlarge gulf fritillary butterfly, click to enlarge
zinnia picture, click to enlarge Hummingbirds are attracted by a variety of brightly colored flowers. We have had good success with trumpet vine as well as honeysuckle, red salvia, and zinnias.
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