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mockingbird photo, 29 Jan 00 mockingbird photo, 29 Oct 00 adult mockingbird from the back, 29 Dec 00
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mockingbird juveniles about two weeks old, May 00
Juvenile Pair
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mockingbird baby about a week old, May 00
Mockingbird Information
Wheezer's Notes:
Mockingbirds are the song champions of the bird world. Their happy singing can lift your spirits, or sometimes drive you crazy after you have had enough. If you hear a bird singing at night, it is most likely a mockingbird. Mockingbirds normally will not visit your feeders. They will stay in proximity to humans, building their nest in low trees or shrubs. Unlike most other bird species, the male and female mockingbird are difficult to tell apart.

The Northern Mockingbird is the State bird for the States of Arkansas, Florida, Mississippi, Tennessee and Texas.
The range map at right indicates states in which the latest Breeding Bird Survey counted at least some areas of concentrations of Mockingbirds in excess of 11.

Range information is from the USGS Patuxent Bird Identification Center
More Information About Mockingbirds:
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Two distinct styles
suitable for nesting by bluebirds, chickadees, wrens and others

Mockingbird Range

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