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baby birds busting bounds to be born!
...this is a titmouse
...bluebirds are on the way.
photo 8 June 2002
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get info on bluebirds birdgoods.com, previously known as Birdhouses by Wheezer, has been on the net since 1996. We started out offering many products ourselves and giving recommendations for finding everything else you need for backyard birding. However, we got out of building any products of our own and converted to just being an information source for backyard birding. Our goal is to make backyard birding as fun and convenient as possible. We hope to help you accomplish this while enhancing the looks of your backyard and contributing to wildlife conservation.

Please browse through our information by using the navigation buttons on the left side of the page. On the right side of the page are links to our information on common birds you see in your backyard. We sincerely hope you enjoy your visit to our pages. We wish you could buy something, but, alas, it's too much trouble for too little profit for us to offer products for sale. : )
Have fun backyard birding!

Neat Backyard Birding Tips:

Sander's recipe for suet type stuff
How to make hummingbird juice
A peanutbutter concoction for woodpeckers and bluebirds
About plants to attract birds and butterflies
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